Make Your own Games!

Scratchables is where MES Tech Stars are learning how to Scratch

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These games where created in Scratch and are exampled of the type of games MES Tech Stars are creating while they learn to code.  Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create not only games but also simulations, stories and interactive art. Scratch is a program developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in coordination with the Lifelong Kindergarden Group. It is a visual, block-based, computer programming language editor. The code used in Scratch does not use text. It uses Lego-like pieces. Because of the lack of text errors (syntax errors), the learning process is much less frustrating and therefore, easier to learn. As students learn how to code they are developing essential 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. 

Hope you enjoy playing the games.  Many are inspired by arcade games of the past as well as some Angry Birds!

Do you want to make games like this too?   Go to Scratch and start learning and creating!  The newest version---Scratch 2.0 has just been released and is web based.  No need to download, you can create and share online.

Need a little more guidance check out, this is the site created by Mrs. Coleman for her MES students.  There are 17 lessons (aka “ABLES”), that will guide you and by the end you should have created your first game.  If you are teacher and are interested in learning more about Scratch, or you already on Scratch and would like to be a mentor go to SCREACHERS (Teachers on Scratch) for more information, useful lesson ideas and resources